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Don't see the song you want in our catalog?

No problem - we can create it specially for you!

We'll be happy to give you a quote for a custom backing track...

Creating custom backing tracks is a very specialized bespoke service, so prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on how much time is involved in producing your track (our current recording studio rate is $15 USD per half hour/ $30 per hour).

We've listed a few popular types of custom work we regularly do for customers below which will give you a rough guide cost.

However, for an exact quote for your custom track work, please fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page and let us know the details of the custom backing track work you need done.

We'll get back to you with a definite price quote in 24 hours.

Key Changes
We can change the key of any song in our catalogue.

This takes half an hour of studio time
Price = $15 USD per song

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Instrument Removal
We can remove any instrument(s) from any song in our catalogue. For example, a guitarist may request that the guitar part be removed from the track so that he/she can play "live" along with the backing track (or a sax player may request the sax part be taken out). We can also insert a count-in where appropriate if required.

This takes one hour of studio time
Price = $30 USD per song

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Tempo increases/decreases
We can change the tempo of any track in our catalogue.

This takes half an hour of studio time
Price = $15 USD per song

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ou can find a free online metronome which will help calculate exact tempos bpm (beats per minute) at:

Instrument Panning & Click Track insertion
In most cases, instrument panning and click-track inclusion are usually only required when drum parts are removed (ie a click track is required on one side of the stereo spectrum while the rest of the music is panned to the other side). This type of custom work is highly specialised so prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on the work you need done. However, if we already have a master arrangement to work from (i.e. the song you want is in our catalogue) then generally this usually takes one hour of studio time ($30 USD per song).

Contact us below listing the songs you want produced and how you want them produced (which instruments are to be kept in, which instruments are to be left out, which side you want the click track panned to etc) and we'll get back to you with an exact quote.

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Build Your Own Medley!
You choose the songs, we arrange them in to a Medley for you. Don't waste hours or even days sitting at home trying to glue bits of songs together with an audio editor or trying to join glitchy tracks together. Get it done the right way, the proper way, the professional way...let us do it for you.

We create your medley of songs in one single master arrangement so that it sounds like one continuous track being played by the same band - in other words, a true and proper medley.

Because we create the songs within one master arrangement there are NO glitches between the songs, NO timing errors, No volume spikes, and No sound differences between the instuments.Your medley will also have a properly structured ending - there are NO fade-outs. Prices start from as little as only $40 USD for simple medleys that are quick and easy to arrange.

Let us know your medley idea and we'll give you a no obligation quote...

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Special Arrangements
We can produce any song for you completely from scratch.
Special Arrangements are, without doubt, the choice of the discerning professional. If we don't have a particular track or medley in stock, we can produce it specially for you. Prices start at only $60 USD, depending on what you want produced. We can produce almost anything you want - for example, you may need your track arranged to fit in with choreography or require a song shortened or lengthened etc. It may just be that you're after a straightforward backing track of a song that we just don't happen to have in our catalogue...

Whatever it is you need produced...we can do it!

We'll need a copy of the original song(s) for reference - you can send a copy to our special email address which is configured to receive large files:

...and we'll get a quote to you within 24 hours.

When you consider that most recording studios charge $60/hour and upwards, and session musicians the can save hundreds of dolars by letting the Pro Backing Tracks Team record your songs!

*Note: We are unable to source the originals of Special Arrangement tracks on your behalf. We can accept reference recordings submitted on MP3 (email attachment). Do not submit reference material in WAV format as our server is configured to reject these types of files.

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Custom Track Terms:
All Custom backing tracks are supplied in mp3 download format and remain the copyright of Pro Backing Tracks. We require payment in full prior to commencement of any work. Our turnaround time for custom backing tracks is usually 3 - 7 working days.

Our arrangers and musicians play to the very highest standard and will arrange, play and produce the backing track(s) of your choice to sound as close to the original song you supplied as is humanly possible (given that we do not have access to the original musicians, arrangements, exact instruments or studio acoustics which were used to produce the original recording).

All custom backing tracks commissioned will remain the copyright of Pro Backing Tracks and although they will not be included in our general catalogue immediately afterwards for general release to the rest of the public, they may be, at our discretion, included in our general catalogue at some future date. If you require exclusivity, please discuss this with our sales staff.

The price of creating custom tracks is quoted on an individual basis depending on the amount of time/work involved in creating it for you. An exact quote will be given to you before we undertake any work. The price we quote is the price you pay - even if the track takes us longer to produce.

We require payment in full prior to commencement of any work.


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